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Sunday, 21 June 2009 11:11

The registration of the Bulgarian American League is now a reality.


                We formally invite each and every one to participate in this combined effort to make this endeavor a successful one. The League welcomes all who are would like to participate and advance the promotion of Bulgarian Heritage and Culture regardless of their political, national or religious affiliation. Our Web site will be operational in the next two weeks, and will contain further details of the activities of the League as well as provide a central place to exchange information, ideas and the advance our goals and Cultural Heritage.


                The Club Member ship dues are as follows:

Individual:                                                           $60.00

Business:                                                             $200.00

Family (More than 3 members):                                $50 / person

Children under 18 by year end:                  FREE

Make Personal check or money order payable to Bulgarian American League. Membership fee can be submitted to any of the Board of Directors.

Sample Due:

Sample Check

The Club Site is www.bulgarianamericanleague.com and is now up and running.



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